The Megaphone Project

An interactive sound installation by Melbourne sound artists, Madeleine and Tim Humphrey. Working with the Tas Theatre Company and Glenorchy’s very own Generations Ensemble Theatre, The Megaphone Project is an interactive artwork perfect for children and families.


This family focussed, interactive art work has been part of Awesome Arts Festival, Out of the Box Brisbane, Carriageworks Children’s Festival, Sydney, Sydney Opera House, Womadelaide, Darwin Festival and the Brisbane Festival. The Megaphone Project is an interactive sound field, inviting festival patrons to a game of sound and physical play.

Twenty-five striking red megaphones of different shapes and sizes recreate the miracle of wireless tin-can telephones, and the joyful manipulations of voices are naturally reinforced through simple acoustics. Voices then mysteriously return via our custom wireless audio network. In the field of megaphones, the audience with our supporting arts team, create a lively environment of play and enjoyment.